IMG_0948Dharma talks are based on the principle teachings of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni and Zen Masters Dogen and Keizan, the founders of Soto Zen in Japan. We also use contemporary writings from Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett and other senior monks of our Order.
In addition, we study traditional Mahayana scriptures, such as the Lotus Sutra, and Pali scriptures when appropriate. In particular we emphasize Buddhist practice—how can we understand Buddhist teachings in such a way that they enable us to harmonize them with our daily lives? How can we liberate our hearts from the causes of suffering and be at peace? How do we live together with others in a peaceful way and benefit the world?

Dharma Talks

Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, founder of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
The Art of Meditation (1978) ( 41 min.)  Listen/Download
Shushogi 1 (60 min.)  Listen/Download
Shushogi 2 (46 min.)  Listen/Download
For more talks by Rev. Master Jiyu:

Rev. Master Daizui MacPhillamy, Head of the Order 1997-2004
What It Means to Be a Buddhist   (50 min.)    Listen/Download
Radical Sobriety  (45 min.)    Listen/Download
For more talks by Rev. Master Daizui:

Rev. Master Haryo Young, Head of the Order
Lessons from the Woodpile  (41 min.)   Listen/Download

Rev. Master Oswin Hollenbeck, Prior at Eugene Buddhist Priory 1998-2013
Undertaking Great Compassion  (52 min.)    Listen/Download
Merit Is Just a Word Until You Give It Away  (46 min.)   Listen/Download

Rev. Oriana LaChance, Prior at Eugene Buddhist Priory 2013-2021
Where Is Compassion?  (23 min.)   Listen/Download
The Mind of Faith  (21 min.)   Listen/Download

Dharma Talks from Shasta Abbey:
Dharma Talks from Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey:


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New listing: Beyond Comfort, Oct. 2013, Rev. Oriana LaChance

Generosity, Rev. Oriana LaChance
This Very Moment, Doug Carnine
“Become Sober,”  Ernie Rimerman

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Sitting Buddha: an introduction to Zen meditation by Rev. Master Daishin Morgan, Abbot of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in the UK.

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The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
includes Shasta Abbey, Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey–both monastic training centers and retreat centers for lay congregation–and many smaller temples and meditation groups for Buddhist practice throughout Europe and the United States.
For further information on what the Order does, temple and activity locations, and programs that are available see their website.

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey
is in Northumberland, Northern England and has retreats and other activities throughout the year.

Shasta Abbey  is in Mt. Shasta, Ca. and has retreats and other activities throughout the year.